Jon Kragh's Additional Life Principles in 2020

Capturing my principles is a life-changing habit that Ray Dalio influenced me to start.
The holidays have become my new time to pause and reflect on these beliefs.
I highly recommend organizing your list, not only for yourself but to help others understand who you are and to pass down your hard-earned lessons to your loved ones.
My principle #5 from 2019 saved me several times this year. "Everything looks big up close; that is why it is important to give yourself some time to step away from a problem to see it for what it is."
These are my top principles from 2020, which cluster a lot around conserving my energy and risk. My leading principle from 2019 is still my most important one, "Expectations drive behavior. Behavior impacts outcomes."
New in 2020
  1. Avoid thoughts that make you weak. (influenced by Peterson)
  2. Without risk, there can not be faith. (influenced by Kierkegaard)
  3. How you communicate is just as important as what you say.
  4. There is more to admire in humankind than to despise.
  5. Do not tranquilize yourself with the trivial; focus on what is meaningful. (influenced by Kierkegaard)
  6. Do not waste big energy on small problems.
  7. Get momentum at the right time - amplify effort when it's most important.
  8. Engaging with cynics that do not have their own ideas is a waste of time; engaging with cynics with unique and different approaches can be useful. It is much easier to describe problems than solve problems.
  9. Master the moment. Be grateful for beauty in the moment, push past your breaking point in the moment, control your emotions in the moment. (influenced by Brian Dawkins)
  10. You will never be fully ready; commit anyway.
  11. Avoid building things that people do not want.
  12. Be disciplined to work through terrible first ideas to get to the great idea.
  13. Work both smart and hard.
  14. Don't preach to people. Instead, plant a seed and let them discover. This approach is much more effective, and they will not be resentful.
  15. Turn your pain into your power. Willingly enter into pain.
  16. Build things that will be a possession for all generations.
  17. It's ok to have flaws but avoid fatal flaws. Fatal flaws are dangerous and timeless; they are the central idea of Greek tragedies (i.e., how many great people fell with one bad move?).