Jon Kragh 50 Life Principles

I think a lot about longevity. I often tell my wife that if I pass away, at least pass along my principles to our children. 
How do you memorialize content so that the content outlives you? 
The short answer is we can only guess today what will last for hundreds of years past tomorrow. Recently, in a move towards multi-generational longevity, I moved the source code for this blog to GitHub, which may have a chance to live for a few hundred years. 
YouTube is another medium that may have legs for a few generations. While I think that paper is the only proven medium for content longevity, we also have not had digital technology long enough to know what will last for generations.
So with that in mind, I narrated my life principles and posted them on YouTube, not for accolades for today, but for longevity for tomorrow. In a world where people post content for a brief moment of high visibility, I post content for long-term personal impact.
Here is the video and narration.